Placement Services

We are a  dedicated team of professionals possessing specific domain knowledge and technical expertise .Our specialised attempt  is to bring in   the best  hires and  ensure to  connect businesses with the right talent.
Every HR talent acquisition manager has the desire and dream of getting the right candidates at the right time. WE  work towards help meeting those expectations . Our streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement/job description,  prepare detailed job profile, work spreadsheet /structured Role descriptions and  select the right candidate that matches them, both technically and  culturally.

Our specialised teams support in sourcing following personnel at ALL VERTICALS ( technical /non technical positions ):

  • CEO’s /CTO's/ CFO's/ Directors/ Country Heads/ Vice Presidents & General Managers etc(HEAD HUNTING – Industry/Domain specific as per clients need in confidence)
  • Middle /Junior cadre personnel.
  • Headhunting for the niche/ industry specific /selective  /critical –hard to source  profiles.
  • Mass Recruitment for sectors like Information Technology, Telecom, BFSI , Engineering and others
  • Campus Hiring : Framing of Test papers/Conducting Tests –offline /online , Screening and Short listing on  required parameters & HR Round and  listing for final offers.

Covering Industries/ Organisations in

  • IT, ITES,Telecom, BPO.
  • Auto, Manufacturing/Engineering, R&D, Power, Textile, Infrastructure etc
  • Banking-BFSI, Retail, Consulting, Life sciences and  Healthcare
  • Media/Entertainment, Advertising.

Specialised Drives/ Hiring- Media Management
Managing end to end advertising  in print media/portals . Framing/designing/articulating customised advertisements as per clients inputs. Managing resumes - short listing as per the job profile , screening, preliminary and  final  interview as per organisation needs /selection process and releasing offers.
Undertaking turn key assignments  for complete  management of the OPEN positions  till On Boarding.

Consultancy Services

Consultation /Advise on  any /entire field   of Human Resource  Functions  on retainership  / as consultant /on assignment basis. Our Specialised  strategic  services  can  be provided in  the following areas:

  • Conceptualizing, formulation  and  crafting of HR policies, rules and regulations.
  • Formulation of HR processes /procedures  for smooth, efficient and effective  operations.
  • Designing  and implementing innovative HR strategies  and HR Interventions for accelerated growth.
  • Remuneration structuring, Comp and benefits administration, employee rewards, recognition and incentive schemes to facilitate effective  Human capital management.

Employee Communication & News Letter

We are a diversified human resource consultancy, helping clients  nurture, involve and retain their Human Capital by  awareness to the  business, sensitising towards the vision , futuristic developments in the company - where are  and where to be status by:

  •  Designing newsletters, notifications, business updates and employee communication for Web circulation or Print Media.

Training - Comprehensive & Customised

Organising and developing  comprehensive and  customised training and development initiatives in Technical, Domain , Process  and Behavioural fields, catering to the learning needs of the associates.

Outsourcing of HR Services

We focus on the business, the needs & challenges of our clients by taking  over the responsibilities  to  manage the entire/partial functions of the Human resource department. Our background and the  competitive edge lies in our being a composite service provider with over three decades of expertise. We help clients  to manage  their human resources  functions efficiently  through our people-focused   professional, ethical approach.

Mentoring & Coaching

The world is in throes of change and people are its differentiators,  the challenge is finding ways to Energize them.

The rapidly changing social, economic and business landscape demands a new response Excellence. 

To reach there we nurture ,facilitate , educate, up bring and coach:

  •  To build camaraderie and inspire employees to see their workplace as more than just a job
  • To bring in efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.
  • Progression, Career & Succession Planning
  • Help Building  teams & relationships, with high employee engagement, thriving people-focused culture.
  • To act as catalyst in -  "Energizing for Excellence”

Culture Audit / HR-Health checks

and Statutory Audits

Designing and Conducting employee surveys, employee attitude, satisfaction, engagement index. In an organisation  the practices adopted  should  develop and sustain  a work  culture  which is based on trust , belongingness and transparency . We assist in  providing  detailed and  comprehensive evaluation and assessment  of the  company’s people practices and its functionality. It  can be used as a lens or detectors to assess the impact and efficacy of the prevailing  people practices, covering areas of dependence, belongingness, reward and recognition and others.
The most important perspective   for the Management to know,  where we are and what is the company’s adherence to the compliance of the various provisions, enactments  and  legal perspective.

Our Services

  • Placement Services

  • HR Consultancy  Services

  • Employee Communication  and newsletters

  • Training – comprehensive and customised

  • Outsourcing of HR services

  • Mentoring  & Coaching

  • Culture Audits /HR –Health checks & Statutory  Audits